Woltlab Blog - followers 1.0.0

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Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1

Woltlab Blog - followers

This plugin extends the Woltlab blog version 2.1, on the possibility that adding eavesdroppers.
This members it is possible to see the blog and the articles. Users that have already been identified as authors no longer need to be registered.

! Important!
Users are before you to filter Can Blog see checked, and can not be separately listed and get an extra access.
If at least one user has been registered in the list of people following you, then no one else from the moderators and the creation of blogs and other authors, and fellow readers, the blog and the items can be seen in.


  • Version 1.0.0

    Version nur für das WCF2.1/Blog 2.1

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