Halloween 1.0.0

A style for the Halloween holiday.

A style inspired by the Halloween holiday :) .

  • Version 1.0.0

  • WSC Version?

  • Nice Stile - thank you...

  • What kind of a font is that? (from the Halloween logo)

  • i actually like this style, but in my opinion the transparency is a litle bit to high so that the contrast is not everywhere really good...

    • Do you mean it's too transparent, or not transparent enough? It is very easy to adjust the transparency with the color palette.

    • A little bit too transparent i think (some content is not very good readable depending on the background position), and yes i was playing with the transparency.
      Just wanted to give you a little feedback, like the overall look very much ;)

    • Feedback (good or bad) is appreciated very much, thank you.