Social Links for WSC 3 3.1.1

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>
Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0
WoltLab Suite 3.1
WoltLab Suite 5.2

This plugin adds social links with icons to your WoltLab website !

With this plugin, you can add social icons to your website.

There is some settings you can manage :

- Manage title and link of all social links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Github, LinkedIn, Reddit, Dribbble, Instagram and Youtube).

The 3.0.2 version adds Steam and Twitch links.

The 3.0.6 version adds the possibility to add 5 totally customizable links !

On the User Menu, you can :

- Choose to place the icon on the left

- Choose to place the icon on the right

- Choose to leave the icon in its default place ( just before Search icon)

On the navigation bar, you can

- Choose if you want colored icons or not

On the footer, you can

- Choose if you want big or little buttons

- Choose if you want rounded buttons

- Choose between 4 styles :

- Clear buttons, dark icons

- Dark buttons, clear icons
- Clear buttons, colored icons
- Colored buttons, clear icons

Supported languages : DE, EN, FR


  • Version 3.1.1

    Update fix.

  • Version 3.1.0

    Added compatibility for WoltLab 3.1

  • Version 3.0.9

    Language and update fixes.

  • Version 3.0.7

    Missing language parameter added in a template for the modal box => |language

  • Version 3.0.6

    This version adds 5 customizable social links.

    So you can choose the color, background color and the icon for each of them.


  • Version 3.0.5

    Fixed missing twitch icon.

  • Version 3.0.4

    Added XING and fixed some texts.

  • Version 3.0.3

    Added multi-language support, and fixed some things in templates.

  • Version 3.0.2

    Added the Steam and Twitch links.

  • Version 3.0.1

    Add social links to your WoltLab website !

  • Ich würde mich über eine 5.2-Kompatibilität sehr freuen! 🙂

  • Lässt sich trotz Angabe nicht in 5.2 installieren.

  • Last Update 1 1/2 years ago. why no update to FA5?

    thats really bad.

  • Discord update possible?

  • Ist es möglich, je nach Sprache auf zwei unterschiedliche Seiten zu verlinken?

    Die Datenschutzerklärung ist ja leider nur als "Text" hinterlegt, also hat sie je nach Sprache zwei verschiedene URLs...

  • Hey, i need the discord icon for links. how i can do that?

  • Kann man auch deaktivieren das das symbol im benutzermenü so makiert ist sondern ich will das normal wie alle anderen ist.

  • It would be great, if I can select the user group for this plugin. I don't want to display my social activity to my guests, only to my registered users. Would that be possible?

    • Yes it's possible, I can implement that, or you can edit the templates to allow only some usergroups to see the social links :)

    • That would be great, because other users would benefit from this feature as well.

  • Hi GeGeek

    Can the social icons be placed in the right sidebar?


  • Das Discord Icon wird nicht angezeigt..


    • It's fontawesome 5 :)

      There is no discord icon for older version of fontawesome (4.7.0).

      I'll implement it when WoltLab will use FA5 ;)

  • Wie kann ich die Icons/Links ausblenden, die ich nichts nutze?

  • Sorry, aber wann kommt denn das korrekte Update? Es nervt ehrlich gesagt mit dieser Fehlermeldung.

    Sorry, but when is the correct update? It really annoying with this error message.

  • Update not possible?

    "An update of package fr.geeklabs.wcf.socialLinks from version 3.0.9 to 3.1.0 is not supported."

  • will an update coming soon for 3.1?

  • Quick support thank u :) !

  • Hey GeGeek :)

    When can we expect a new update?

    Thank you for your efforts

    • Hi,

      the new update is awaiting approbation by a moderator, you can contact me by private message if you don't want to wait :)

  • Hello - Installing this plugin gives my entire site a fatal error (below) from which I can recover only by uninstalling the plugin. No doubt I am doing something wrong as everyone else seems to love the plugin. Would the info below help me debug? thank you!

  • Ich bekomme auch eine Fehlermeldung???

  • Bei mir kommt diese Fehlermeldung beim update.

    An update of package fr.geeklabs.wcf.socialLinks from version 3.0.6 to 3.0.7 is not supported.

    wenn ich es neu installiere geht das forum garnicht mehr

    • Gleiche Fehlermeldung. Die Neuinstallation habe ich gar nicht erst gewagt nach der Info hier.

    • Oups, sorry, i forgot something, a new version will be available very soon :)

  • Hey Geek. Maybe you can add a option (enable / disable) for mobile users? :)

  • Hey,

    thanks for this amazing plugin!

    Do you think you could add an option to view the icons on the left or right site of the page, floating in user definied position vertically?

  • Hello

    I installed the plugin and am very satisfied.

    How can you add new social icons so that the URL can / must be inserted in the ACP?

    I would like to set up the link for Battlelog.

    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      unfortunately this icon is missing in FontAwesome, so i can't add it.
      For this, the best solution is to edit this plugin's template files and add manually the links by copy/past/edit/save => (__geekLabsSocialLinksFooter.tpl, __geekLabsSocialLinksNavigation.tpl, __geekLabsUserSocialModal.tpl, __geekLabsUserSocialMobileUser.tpl) :)

    • Thank Dan for your reply.

      Yes, there is no FontAwesome for Battlelog. I have wanted to solve it for me with the "trophy icon".

      I have also copied from the existing entries the whole and adapted accordingly. However, I have in the ACP no possibility then the linking for Battlelog to enter, as is the case with Steam or Twitch.

      Do you have to change other files with the exception of those already mentioned?

      Best regards :)

    • To do that, i must edit the plugin, because it comes with the plugin, so effectively, editing templates don't add settings in the ACP.

      I'll add a new version with custom icons this week, so you'll be able to add custom icons and links :)
      I will tell you once it's available!

    • This is awesome, because you have a more happy customer. :)

  • Hi, is it possible that you can add Discord to the next Release? Or can you tell me how I add it by myself?

  • Hi, is there a way to add new social media "accounts"?

    • Hello, of course, you just need to edit the template files (__geekLabsSocialLinksFooter.tpl, __geekLabsSocialLinksNavigation.tpl, __geekLabsUserSocialModal.tpl, __geekLabsUserSocialMobileUser.tpl)

    • Okay c: Can you help me by adding discord, minecraft and teamspeak, please?

    • Unfortunately these icons are not available in FontAwesome actually, so i can add it :)

  • Hi, everything is working. One question: how to change the tooltip(s)?

  • Exzellentes Addon, great work!

  • Hello GeGeek,

    I'd prefer to see the round icons (like in the footer) in the navigation bar instead of the fontawesome icons - would that be possible?
    And I'd really appreciate to see a Discord link also, like others mentioned before :).

  • Auf mobile zeigt er den Xing Banner noch an, obwohl ich den leer gelassen habe...

  • Hi, is it possible to change the hover background-color from the "follow..."?

  • Eine kleine frage: Ich verwende das Plugin auf meiner Website und habe Später vor auf unserer Seite Produkte zum verkauf anzubieten.
    Die by-nc-sa ist aber ( wie der name sagt ) eine Non Kommerzielle Lizenz, heißt ich darf auf meiner Webseite nichts verkaufen wenn ich dieses plugin verwende.

    Nun die Frage:
    könnten sie die Lizenz ändern zur by-sa ? Dadurch würde es möglich werden das die Nutzer ihres Plugins auch Webshops betreiben könnten.

    • Google Translator:

      A little question: I use the plugin on my website and have later on our site to sell products for sale.
      The by-nc-sa is however (as the name says) a non commercial license, I may not sell on my website if I use this plugin.

      Now the question:
      Could they change the license to by-sa? This would make it possible for the users of their plugins to operate webshops

    • Hi, this license means that you can not sell this plugin on your website, but you can sell your own, or distribute my plugin freely and with a mention about the author (me) :)