Profile Integration for Steam: Steam Login 1.0.0

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Bridge between Profile Integration for Steam and the Steam Login plugin.

No longer required - Data can be imported automatically with the 'Profile integration' for Steam plugin

  • Version 1.0.0

    Version for WCF
  • eu.bauerj.steamopenid wird benötigt. Wo bekomme ich das her?

  • Hi, the steam login doesn't work for Woltlab suite 3.0? How do I go about getting a version that does work?

    • In the next version of Profile Integration you won't need aditional bridge plugins anymore. So you could just use any steam login plugin that works for WoltLab Suite and Profile Integration will get the steam users automatically - It's waiting to get accepted to the store already so it should be available soon.
      There is a free beta plugin from SoftCreatR that works with suite and had been tested with Profile Integration: (But before version 2.0.19 of Profile Integration the users have add their steam account manually which is just one click if they're logged in via steam)

  • Steam Login und Registrierung von jreuab nicht mehr kompatibel mit den neuen Versionen. Irgendeine Alternative für Steam Registrierung/Login?

  • Funktioniert (bei mir) nicht

    • Hallo,
      du brauchst das Steam-Integration Plugin, siehe Beschreibung.