Text Replacement 2.0.0

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Creative Commons <by-nc-nd>
Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0

This plugin allows you to define replacements for unwanted strings of text on your forum, similar to how some other forum softwares perform censoring.

This plugin allows replacement of unwanted strings of text on your forum. Text Replacements are case insensitive, and only whole words are matched (i.e. "loud trumpet" will effect "really loud trumpet", but won't do anything to "motherloud trumpet" see the attached images for more specifics). The images are taken from Woltlab 2.1, but the plugin is compatible with wsc3. :)
  • Admins can define global Text Replacements for the entire forum
  • Admins can allow members to disable the global Text Replacements
  • Admins can allow members to define their own personal Text Replacements per User Group
  • Admins can define a maximum number of personal Text Replacements per User Group

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few images demonstrating the plugin.

  • Version 2.0.0

    Initial version

  • Any more progress on the 3.1 version. I would love to have this feature on our forum.

    • I haven't converted my forum to 3.1 yet. I haven't made it a priority over other things, sadly. :(

    • I'm also looking for an update. Any idea when you will update it?

  • Need this plugin for 3.1

    When will it be available?

    • Hey Rabtech!

      Unfortunately, I don't have a firm timeline. I'll need to update it when I update my own forum, but I'm not yet sure when that'll be.

  • Will this plugin also be available for the new version 3.1 ?

    • I do need to upgrade my forum sometime in the near future, so I will need to update this for when that happens. I don't have a time frame. For my sake, hopefully in the next few months. :)

    • Ok, thanks for the quick reply. Glad to read that it will give an update.

  • If there is the possibility to replace any given word with a link, I buy the plugin immediately.

  • Thx for creating this. If I got the time to fill in the endless list of pairs, I´ll buy it. :)

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  • if i could use bbcode or html to place links as replacement i would immediately buy it.
    If you want to expend its functionality give me a hint, i will then buy it.

  • Is it possible to use BB/HTML code as replacement text ?

    • Not at present. In order to implement the feature a couple more permissions and more than a bit more logic and safe guards would be needed. :(

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    • I would also use this plugin if there could be HTML or BBCode in the replacement.

    • just asking because it would be so much more useful

  • Nice plugin. I am waiting for the update, with the replacement feature also in the articles.

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