Snowfall 1.1.5

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Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0
WoltLab Suite 3.1

Snowfall effect for WoltLab Suite 3

Winter is coming and the Advent calendar is already full with surprises for your guests. Your community is decorated festively and a great Christmas style rounds off the appearance of your community. But there is still something missing... The snow!

Create a nice atmosphere in your community by conjuring up snow on your visitors' screens, even if it's just wet, cold and grey outside.

Choose from a collection of over 200 different snowflake graphics, customize the behavior of this effect according to your wishes (size, fall speed, ...) and enjoy the wintry atmosphere.

And this is what it could look like (Original effect, Default settings):

What's next after my purchase?

After your payment, it's advised to activate your account for the support area of this extension. To do so, visit, register your account if neccessary and activate your license. After a successful activation, you'll receive access to the support area of this extension and access to our "Fast Lane Service", where you can download the latest versions right after their release and before it will be activated here in the plugin store.


  • Version 1.1.5

    Added compability to WSC 3.1
  • Version 1.1.4 pl 3

    Again, a bug has been fixed, that caused the animation to stop under certain circumstances
  • Version 1.1.4 pl 2

    Fixed mobile detection
  • Version 1.1.4 pl 1

    Added global option to enable/disable the snowfall
  • Version 1.1.4

    A problem within the internal CORS proxy has been fixed
  • Version 1.1.3

    Initial Plugin Store release

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