Dark Net 3.1.0

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Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0
WoltLab Suite 3.1
WoltLab Suite 5.2

DarkNet is a simple style for the Woltlab Suite. The design is very simple and inspired by the original look of the Woltlab style.

Product Information

With the style you get a nice and elegant package for people without high demands on features. Of course, the style can be extended with own CSS declarations. However, we have explicitly renounced major adjustments and offer this free style very nude.

The style includes a branding, this may only be removed with the acquisition of the Branding Free!

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  • We offer our demo installation for many of our products at https://demo.grischamedia.ch an.
  • Access to the ACP is only possible to a limited extent or not at all. If you have any questions, use the support forum "Questions before you buy"
  • We always try to keep the demo up to date and to provide updates.


  • As a customer, you will only receive support in our support forum GrischaMedia.ch
  • We do not offer email, conversations, TeamSpeak, Discord or telephone support!
  • Support and correspondence is only conducted in German!

Frequently asked Questions

  • Why are the products in the shop at GrischaMedia.ch cheaper?
    The products are cheaper in their own shop because there is no commission payment to Woltlab.
  • Is there an installation service?
    Depending on the registration, a service can be booked through our shop. Installations-/Upgradeservice
  • How do I get support in the forum?
    After creating a free account, the pluginstore activation must be carried out by us.
  • Why should I buy directly in the GrischaMedia.ch shop?
    - Favorable conditions by eliminating the commission payment to Woltlab
    - Faster access to updates through our own package server
    - Selling plugin & style licenses


  • Version 3.1.0

    CSS fixes