TeamSpeak-Sync 1.3.2

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Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0
WoltLab Suite 3.1

A TeamSpeak synchronization plugin for the WSC.

Imagine you have a TeamSpeak server and a page based on WoltLab Suite. Do you really want to assign each user individually to a group on the TeamSpeak server? This plugin provides a remedy. It synchronizes group assignments between your home page and your TeamSpeak server.


  • Synchronizing group assignments between homepage and TeamSpeak server
  • Synchronizing bans from the Homepage to the TeamSpeak Server
  • user-friendly plugin without the hassle of searching for TeamSpeak's unique identity
  • several TeamSpeak server groups can be assigned to a homepage user group
  • and much more


The server query account for the sync requires the following rights:

14b_serverquery_login1ServerQuery: Per ServerQuery einloggen
22b_virtualserver_select1ServerQuery: Virtuellen Server auswählen
25b_virtualserver_channel_list1ServerQuery: Liste vorhandener Channel abrufen
27b_virtualserver_client_list1ServerQuery: Liste verbundener Clients abrufen
31b_virtualserver_client_dbinfo1ServerQuery: Client Informationen aus der Datenbank abrufen
138i_channel_subscribe_power100Power um Channel zu abonnieren
150b_virtualserver_servergroup_list1ServerQuery: Liste der Server Gruppen abrufen
153b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list1ServerQuery: Liste der Channel Gruppen abrufen
155b_virtualserver_channelgroup_client_list1Liste der Channel Gruppen Mitglieder abrufen
163i_group_member_add_power100Group Member Add Power
165i_group_member_remove_power100Group Member Remove Power
171i_client_permission_modify_power100Client Permission Modify Power
196i_client_kick_from_server_power100Power um einen Client vom Server zu kicken
198i_client_kick_from_channel_power100Power um einen Client vom Channel zu kicken
210b_client_ban_create1Neue Bannregel erstellen
211b_client_ban_delete_own1Eigene Bannregeln löschen
212b_client_ban_delete1Alle Bannregeln löschen
213i_client_ban_max_bantime-1Maximale Zeit für Bannregeln in Sekunden
214i_client_private_textmessage_power100Power um eine Private Textnachricht zu senden
226b_client_modify_description1Beschreibung aller Clients verändern
228b_client_modify_dbproperties1ServerQuery: Clienteinstellungen verändern
229b_client_delete_dbproperties1Client Datenbankeinstellungen löschen

Example for creating a sync query

Connect to your server query with the user serveradmin or a user with similar privileges. Execute the following commands, where {serverPort} must be replaced by the port of your virtual server. The name of the created server query group may of course be different.

  1. use port={serverPort}
  2. servergroupadd name=Sync type=2

Back you get the server group ID (sgid). In this example it is the ID 100. Now execute the following commands to give the group the corresponding rights. Of course you have to replace the group ID 100 with your own.

Now all you have to do is create the server query. For this you have to get out of the virtual server. Just enter the command use. Now create the server query:

  1. queryloginadd client_login_name=Sync

Back you get the client database ID (cldbid), the server ID (sid), the user name (client_login_name) and the password (client_login_password). The user name and password are important for you. You will also need the client database ID for the next command. In this example, the client database ID is 150..

  1. servergroupaddclient sgid=100 cldbid=150

Your server query is now created and assigned to the server group. You can now use it.

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