CDN connection for attachments (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud) 1.0.0

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Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.0
WoltLab Suite 3.1
WoltLab Suite 5.2

This plugin automatically uploads all attachments to a CDN provider like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud. Attachments on the website will then be delivered through the CDN provider. This increases the delivery speed and decreases your server load.


What are the first steps after installing the plugin?

After installation you should search for the plugin options. Put your access data for your preferred CDN provider there and select it. If you have many attachments on your site you should upload those in the ACP via Management > Rebuild Data -> Upload attachments to CDN. This may take some minutes to hours. It is recommended to execute this step via CLI:

worker wcf\\system\\worker\\CDNAttachmentsRebuildDataWorker

(see CLI Import). This step can be executed multiple times without any problems.

Do the CDNs cost anything?

Most CDNs like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud have a free contingent that smaller sites can use. If your site is larger and has many views, the CDNs will usually cost something. Depositing a valid credit card is always necessary to use the service.

Can other CDNs be used in addition to AWS and Google Cloud?

Individual, chargeable programming for other CDNs can be requested from me (

Do I have to adapt my data protection regulations?

If you deliver your file attachments and pictures via a CDN, it is necessary to adapt the data protection regulations. Further information can be found here:


  • Version 1.0.0

    First version

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