WoltLab Cloud VieCode Shop: Integration of paysafecard (Manual Processing) 1.0.0

License Agreement
Krymo Software - Commercial Products License
Supported Versions
WoltLab Suite 3.1
WoltLab Suite 5.2

Accept paysafecard PINs easily in your VieCode Shop and process them manually without external service!

Notes on this plugin

  • You can configure how many paysafecard PINs can be entered. This allows optionally the combination of several paysafecard PINs.
  • This plugin does not use an external API to validate or process the paysafecard PINs entered by the purchaser. Therefore, after entering the paysafecard PINs, the status of the order changes from "Awaiting payment" to "Payment is being processed". This does not yet activate the order! This means that an administrator must first check the order in the ACP, process the paysafecard PINs and then manually activate the order so that the purchaser receives the product they have purchased.


  • You must have at least WoltLab Suite™ Core 3.1.0 installed.
  • You must have at least VieCode Shop 7.2.0 installed.

Installation and initial setup

You can install this plugin as normal and configure it in the same way as the payment connection settings of other VieCode plugins.

Why is this plugin in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab more expensive than in the Store of Krymo Software?

As a small business within the meaning of § 19 para. 1 UStG, we do not have to charge value added tax on our website. In addition, the commission to WoltLab does not apply if you purchase through our store. Therefore software products are offered at a lower price in our own store. There are no differences in service.

After purchasing in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab

You can register at Krymo Software and link your created account with your WoltLab account, so that you will be automatically granted access to the product support within few minutes.

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  • Version 1.0.0

    Initial release

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