Avatar and signature moderation 1.0.3

Unlock the avatars or signatures of your users before others can see.

You want to check on the avatars and signatures of your users and activate them before they are made available to the public? Then this extension is exactly the right thing for you. It integrates seamlessly with the moderation of the WCF and thus, enables a simple and familiar procedure. If an user sets a new avatar or changes his/her signature, it is automatically blocked and listed within the moderation to be activated. Here, you can remove or activate the item quite as usual. Of course you can exclude certain usergroups from this regulation via the permissions. It is up to you!


  • Version 1.0.3

    <li>Signatures were not added correctly to moderation if they were previously empty</li>
    <li>Empty signatures no longer need to be enabled</li>
    <li>Completed database entries for moderation have not been removed correctly</li>

  • Version 1.0.2

  • Ist das noch mit WSC3 / WSF 5 kompatibel oder wird das angepasst?

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