WoltLab Cloud Twitch Box 5.4.0 pl 1

A box to display the Status of multiple Twitch streams.

This extension for WoltLab Suite 3 provides a box to display the online state of defined Twitch streams.


You are about to buy more than a simple box, which displays the current status of your favorite streamers. This extension has a lot more features:

  • Usage of caches
  • Choose between two pre-defined layouts
  • Choose the status icon
  • Define the maximum number of channels/streams to be displayed
  • Display/Hide offline streams/channels
  • Set the display order
  • Reload caches after changing specific options
  • Notice, if there's currently no active stream (if the option "Display offline channels" is disabled)
  • Separate page that lists all channels/streams
    • Inheritance of box permissions
  • Integrated stream page incl. chat
  • etc.


In order to remove the visible copyright notice, you'll have to purchase the branding free option:

What's next after my purchase?

After your payment, it's advised to activate your account for the support area of this extension. To do so, visit https://activate.softcreatr.de, register your account if neccessary and activate your license. After a successful activation, you'll receive access to the support area of this extension and access to our "Fast Lane Service", where you can download the latest versions right after their release and before it will be activated here in the plugin store.


  • Version 5.4.0 pl 1


  • Version 5.4.0

    - Fixed a bug related to PHP 8
    - Stream page completely revised
    - Adjustments for PHP 7.0+

  • Version 5.3.0


  • Version 5.2.3 pl 3


  • Version 5.2.3 pl 2


  • Version 5.2.3

    Applied multiple bugfixes and code improvements

  • Version 5.2.2

    Implemented OAuth for Helix Twitch API Endpoints

    Please note, that the new version requires the corresponding "Client secret" in the plugin's options.

  • Version 5.2.1 pl 2

  • Version 1.4.3 pl 1

    Fixed follower counter for newer Twitch apps

  • Version 1.4.3

    Removed internal image proxy due to WoltLab's request.

    An update is not possible. In order to update, you'll have to perform a fresh install.

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