Christmas 2.0.0

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Supported Versions
Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0

Every year… is doesn’t have to be the same design...


Too loud colours were explicitly abandoned for the style “Christmas” and instead of that a muted and at the same time nuanced shade of red was used, harmonising well with the grey-white contrasting colour. Here, warmth and elegance meet without appearing to be tawdry. The red header area serves as a Christmassy homage to the American Santa Claus, which appears together with the snowflakes and allusions to snow within the forums equally playful and inviting. The changing grey-white design of the forum area makes it less monotonous and allows for its light and at the same time stylish character. For this year you can already make your members a nice Christmas present with an elegant design and needn’t be afraid that Santa’s little helper will threat with his rod.

License: - Commercial License


  • Version 2.0.0

    WCF 2 Version

  • Version 1.2.1

    - Wrong color fixed
  • Version 1.2.0

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