Teamspeak Viewer 5.2.1

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Teamspeak³ Viewer for the Woltlab Suite (3.0 / 3.1). Shows various server informations as well as channel and connected clients with current status.

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Der Verkauf von diesem Plugin wird bis auf weiteres eingestellt. Der neue Eigentümer der Plugins ist T1N0 bei Fragen und Probleme bitte an ihn wenden! Weitere Informationen findet man hier:änderung-des-betreibers-weitere-informationen/?postID=4995#post4995

Teamspeak³ Viewer

With this plugin you get a Teamspeak³-Viewer.

By that it is possible to show various server informations as well as the current clients in your WSC.

Possible settings

In the ACP you can customize the Teamspeak³ Viewer according to your wishes.

Under Configuration - Options - Teamspeak Viewer you can define the update interval, but also show or fade out certain contents.

This allows you to fade out the server password or the welcome message. If a server password is deposited, but you do not want this to be publicly visible, then it is "not public" at this point.

The existing "Connect now" button can also be fade out. Incidentally, this also contains the stored server password, which also disappears if you fade out if you do not want the password publicly accessible.

Under User - User groups - Edit user groups - General Permissions - Teamspeak Viewer you are allowed to decide which user groups can see the Teamspeak³ Viewer and which not.

Welcome message

The server-side welcome message can also be shown.

On the part of Teamspeak texts can be extended with BBCodes, which is why we convert them into HTML.

Currently the following BBCodes are converted: [b], [i], [u], [url=] and [url].

Integrated cache function

So that your page is not constantly burdened with the server requests to the Teamspeak server, we use the cache system of the WSC. The data is stored for the update interval set in the ACP.

!! It is absolutely necessary to enter the access data for the server query. Without this data, no connection is made and thus no information is shown !!


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Support access

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  • Version 5.2.1

    Diese Version ist mit der WoltLab Suite 3.0, 3.1 & 5.2 Kompatibel!


  • Version 5.2.0

    WSC 5.2 Kompatibilität

  • Version 3.1.0.pl2

    This version is only for WoltLab Suite 3.0/3.1!

  • Version 3.1.0.pl1

    This version is only for WoltLab Suite 3.0/3.1!

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