WoltLab Cloud Titus' Branding-Free (Complete package) 1.3.0

Removes all brandings in extensions of IT-Dienstleistungen Titus Kirch.

This extension removes all copyright notices in currently published and future extensions of IT services Titus Kirch. This also ensures a regularly increasing price (only concerns the purchase price).

Includes the following paid Branding-Free-Extensions

  • Forms: Branding-Free
  • Gameserver Viewer: Branding-Free
  • Socialline Branding-Free
  • Twitterline Branding-Free
  • URL-Shortener Branding-Free

Includes the following free Branding-Free Extensions

  • Cachet Connect Branding-Free
  • Uptimerobot Connect Branding-Free


This extension is incompatible with the included Branding Free extensions.


Support is only available on my website.