WoltLab Cloud OneTimeSecret - Sending confidential data 1.0.1

The OneTimeSecret-Tools are becoming more and more popular. Integrate this simple function for sending confidential data into your WoltLab Suite installation and stay in control of your data.

Various providers offer online tools that allow you to send confidential data and secrets in James Bond style. Once viewed by the recipient, the links are worthless and "destroy" themselves. To be able to send really confidential data, however, foreign providers are unsuitable for most cases. Not with this OneTimeSecret plugin, which you can easily integrate into your existing installation.

So you have the possibility to create OneTimeSecret entries from your WoltLab Suite installation and distribute them via link. So you can be sure that the data will be read and seen only by the recipient, if the link has been opened before the actual recipient.

Scope of functions


  • Overview of all OneTimeSecret entries not yet viewed with category function
  • Categories can be made available to individual users or entire user groups
  • Simple form to create new OneTimeSecret entries
  • OneTimeSecret entries can also be made available to guests, the verification is always carried out with unique keys
  • Optional specification of a free date up to which the OneTimeSecret entry may be retrieved
  • Cronjob for automatic deletion of already seen (10 minutes after view, at view the text is already emptied in the database) or expired OneTimeSecret-entries (adjustable as option) from the database
  • OneTimeSecret entries can only be viewed once after creation, until retrieval you can customize the OneTimeSecret entry
  • File attachments for OneTimeSecret entries
  • Integration in the Global Change Log
  • Available languages: german, english

General information

If you have any questions, problems or improvement requests, please contact me in the comments section or via conversation.


  • Version 1.0.1

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed some bugs within the language files
    • Added missing language variable for box management in ACP


    • When deleting an entry, the usual note with the title of the entry is now displayed in the confirmation dialog
  • Version 1.0.0

    First release

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