WoltLab Cloud Topics Member - Message Sidebar 5.2.3

​Add the Topics Member in the Members Sidebar.​

Add the Topics Member in the Members Sidebar.

Your own title and / or ICON can be adjusted under Language => Text.


Example CSS:

.threadPostAuthor .fa-pen-square:before {
color: #4c96bc;

Important! In this version one of the new Font Awesome ICONS is used, so this package must also be installed!

  • Version 5.2.3

    CSS added:: z-index

    Reason: There is an extension where cover pictures are inserted at the top and then the topic starter is covered.

    Unfortunately, depending on the title picture, the color not get through well and it may be necessary to choose a different position.

    For example further below:

    .threadPostAuthor {
    top: 120px;
    left: 167px;

    Customize color;

    .threadPostAuthor .fa-pen-square:before {
    color: #336599;
  • Version 5.2.2

    Update: Small correction in the language variable.

  • Version 5.2.1

    New: Icon + Tooltip

    Cannot be used as an update! Please briefly uninstall the old version!