WoltLab Cloud QuizCreator 1.0.1

Quizzes are great to pass the time and are very popular both on TV and in the newspaper. Also more and more websites offer this little fun as a pastime for their users. The QuizCreator offers you an easy way to create quizzes for your community and let your users play.

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QuizCreator - The basics

The structure of the QuizCreator is based on the quizzes on Heise and Zeit. Title, description and a picture represent the basic data of the quiz. There are also two types of quizzes to choose from: Competition and fun.

Competition: The users' game is saved in the database at the end so that members can compare themselves with other members. To make the quiz more exciting, the value of a question decreases with the time elapsed. If you still get 10 points per question in the first 5 seconds, after 15 seconds it is only 1 point. If you take your time to think about it in order to answer perfectly, you will not make it very high in the ranking. What counts is speed in reading and knowledge in answering!

Fun: A simple way to break up the day, you have endless time and each question is worth exactly 1 point! No comparison with the other players.

Once you have entered the basic information for a quiz and created the quiz, you can then add questions and Goals to the quiz. There is no limit for questions and goals and so you can create very extensive quizzes. Questions consist of the actual question, the answer options A, B, C and D and an explanation. The little titbit of a quiz are the goals, which enable the members to show their success, be it with a sarcastic title and comment or a friendly success message, here only the own imagination limits.

Quiz - Extended options

Once the quiz has been created, it can be found in the ACP on the overview page. There you will also find some functions that simplify the administration. Because a quiz is of course not immediately active when it is created. You need time to create questions and goals. When this is done, you can activate the quiz either in the edit view or in the quiz overview.

But what if a quiz has been extensively revised and questions have been added or questions may have had to be corrected? That's no problem either: On the overview page, all the games played by the users can be reset, so that the game's rankings have to be refilled.

The QuizCreator also offers the possibility of sharing quizzes with other administrators: On the overview page, the quiz can be exported as a file containing a text with JSON data. Of course you can also import quizzes.

Quiz - We want to play!

As soon as a quiz is activated, users will find the quiz on the overview page3 and can select it. It is also possible for guests to play the quiz - of course this can be deactivated. As soon as the user is on the quiz page, the picture and description are displayed and the game board is found under this information. As soon as he starts the game, the fun begins and the clock starts ticking! After all the questions have been answered, the user is shown his achieved goal and - in the case of a competition - his result compared to the other users.

If the player has now played a quiz, he or she naturally wants to know exactly how he or she completed it, and that's exactly how you want to see all the other players. After his first game - official/rated - the user gets an extra box in the quiz with the time he needed and also his score. In an overlay he can also look at all questions and see how good he really was!

Site Options

Besides these basic and important functions, the QuizCreator also offers you the possibility to use the trophy system of the WSC. Three values4 are saved for each user: played quizzes quizPlayed, played rated quizzes quizPlayedUnique and maximum score quizMaxScore.

Played quizzes: Here, all games played by the user in a quiz of the competition type are counted.

Played scored quizzes: This value increases only when playing a competition-type quiz for the first time.

Maximum score achieved: The absolute highest score of a quiz is not stored, because a quiz can have 10 or 20 questions. In one case, the maximum possible score would be 100, in the other quiz 200. To ensure comparability, a relative score is stored. The maximum possible score here is 10,000 points. If a player reaches 60 points in the quiz with the 10 questions, the system saves 6000 as a relative score. If a player achieves 106 points in the quiz with 20 questions, 5300 points are achieved, the result from the quiz with 10 questions is better.

There are also currently 3 user rights: "Can view quiz" (User), "Can play quiz" (User) and "Can manage quizzes" (Administrator).

For the quiz pages, some options are provided for setting. You can set the number of quizzes per page, whether certain boxes - best players, last players, most played quizzes - should be displayed or not, and the number of entries in the box.

  • Version 1.0.1

    • Remove html encoding bugs in game field.
    • Remove formatting issue in language variable
    • Add forgotten $showCopyright in wcf\page\QuizPlayerListPage
    • Remove bugs with multilingualism on wcf\page\QuizListPage
    • Improve style for quiz result dialog.
  • Version 1.0.0

    -- No changes since RC 1.

  • Version 1.0.0 RC 1