WoltLab Cloud Game server viewer 1.3.0

The Gameserver Viewer allows you to integrate your game servers into your WSC. With several extensions that add games or features, the sky is the limit.

If something is missing, just post a feature request in my forum or ask for an individual solution.

IMPORTANT: The pictures are made with version 1.3.0 including all extension of version 1.3.0 and earlier. Therefore they show e.g. games that are not included in the standard scope.



Servers are created and managed in ACP. Several options can be set individually for each server. For some games extra options are available. Examples would be the setting of an API key or different options for the information that should be displayed.

Server list (ACP)

Add server (ACP)

Edit server (ACP)

Server list

Server page


With Gameserver Viewer games are added modularly via so-called "game packages". A list of all game packages can be found below at the extensions. In addition, an overview of all installed games is available in the ACP.

Game list (ACP)

Options and rights

In the ACP you have several options for individualization. Among them you will find global settings as well as user group specific rights.

Options (ACP)

User group rights - General (ACP)

User group rights - Moderator (ACP)

User group rights - Admin (ACP)


Besides the list and the server side, you also have the possibility to create individual boxes for the frontend. You can define settings per box and theoretically create an infinite number of boxes.

Add box (ACP)



A game package (e.g. "Gameserver Viewer game package: GameQ") must be installed.


IMPORTANT: Not all game packages are suitable for WoltLab Cloud!


Support is only available on my website.

  • Version 1.3.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Improve the display of status badges

    feat: Add multilingualism to servers

    feat: Categories (optional)

    feat: Filter function for the selectable games in the form

    feat: use WYSIWYG editor for description

    feat: ACP server filter

    feat: add GameSelectOptionType

    fix: defaultValue of ports

    fix: language variable canAddCommentWithoutModeration missing

    fix: error in copyright if $__wcf->getActivePage() is not an object

  • Version 1.2.4

    fix: "Join server" is displayed for offline servers

  • Version 1.2.3

    fix: server cannot be updated if no options are set

  • Version 1.2.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Server option: Queryport

    feat: Server: Optional form fields per server

    feat: Individual displays

    fix: Template update instruction missing

  • Version 1.1.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Custom logos for servers

    feat: Server Cover Images

    feat: More box positions (content area top/bottom)

    feat: User Box: Show "Connect" button option

    feat: Revised server page

    feat: Server Option: Sorting

  • Version 1.0.0


  • Geht das auch für PS4 ?

    Beispiel weiße DayZ

    • Derzeit gibt es kein Spielepaket, welches PlayStation Spiele unterstützt.

      Wenn diese Spiele allerdings eine API besitzen, könnte man theoretisch diese implementieren.

    • hmm ok, eig gibt es schon für dayz spiele server, da ich selbst ein habe bzw 2

      Ich hab DayZ Game server mit einer IP, Nitrado zumindest

    • Ich starte mal eine Konversation mit dir, dann können wir es testen.

    • Sorry das ich jetzt erschau, zutun gehabt ^^

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