WoltLab Cloud Ticketsystem: Project manager 5.4.7

Extends the ticket system with extensive functions for professional project management.

This plugin allows you to create and manage new projects as a ticket collection. Per project, comments can be created, ticket can be managed, and file attachments can be added

Functions at a glance

  • Create new projects
  • New project list and project pages
  • Assign tickets to projects and view them on project page
  • Comments and file attachments for projects
  • View project progress
  • Extensive configuration options per project (due date, project manager, permissions, avatar and much more)
  • Notifications on due date, ticket assignment and project completion
  • Labels and categorization of projects

Quick Reference Guide:

  1. Permissions:
    Administrative permissions -> ticket system -> project manager
    - Can manage projects.
    - Can manage categories of projects

    Moderate rights -> ticket system -> project manager.
    - Can see list of projects
    - Can assign ticket to a project

    In addition, permissions must be set per project (see 2.)
  2. Manage Projects
    ACP -> Apps -> Project Manager -> Projects
  3. View project list/progress
    Main menu -> Ticket system -> Projects
  4. Project details / comments / tickets / file attachments
    Selecting the ticket via the project list (3.)
  5. Assign ticket project
    Projects can be easily selected via Edit/Create ticket

Required package


  • Version 5.4.7

    Fixed an error that caused the permissions of the projects in the Gantt chart to be calculated incorrectly

  • Version 5.4.6

    The pagination in the acp works now as expected

  • Version 5.4.5

    • Fixed an error that could occur in the Gantt chart if you did not have projects with start/end dates
    • Correction in the language variables
    • Fixed a bug where in rare cases no projects were created
    • Multiple labels are now displayed on the project page
  • Version 5.4.3

    Several labels can be selected and displayed

  • Version 5.4.2

    • New fields in the project list: Start date, duration in days, end date, project manager
    • For each user group, displayed columns can be freely configured
    • Various design improvements to the list view.
    • There will be a new "Filter" button above the project list, similar to the ticket list
    • On click, a window opens with the following selection fields: Category, Progress, Person responsible, Show only own projects
    • Visualisation of the planned chronological sequence of projects/sub-projects in the form of bars on a time axis
    • New button above the project list, which switches directly to the Gantt chart
  • Version 5.3.3

    • Permission for project assignment during ticket creation is now checked correctly
    • Tables and lists are now formatted correctly in the project description
  • Version 5.3.2

    Fixed a bug where the permissions for comments and file attachments on the project page were not evaluated correctly

  • Version 5.3.1

    • Fixed a bug where start and end date were initially set to 0 when creating a project
    • Fixed a bug that could occur after deleting categories
    • Fixed a bug where the permissions of the projects were not evaluated correctly
    • Smaller improvements
  • Version 5.3.0

    initial release

  • Guten Abend.

    Eine sehr interessante Erweiterung. Gibt es ein sichtbares Copyright?

    Liebe Grüße


    • Hallo, das Ticketsystem verfügt über einen Hinweis im Footer. Der Projektmanager fügt hier keinen weiteren Hinweis hinzu.

  • Wenn einem Projekt mehrere Benutzergruppen zugewiesen wurden, verschwindet das Projekt in der Übersicht. Selbs wenn allen Gruppen die selben Rechte eingeräumt wurden. Ist das so gewollt? mit welchem Hintergrund?

    • Dazu liegt mir bereits ein Support-Ticket vor, welches ich in den nächsten Tagen bearbeiten werde.

    • Nachtrag: behoben ab 5.3.1

    • Danke für die Rückmeldung! Gibt es schon einen Zeitpunkt wann diese veröffentlicht wird?

    • Bei uns im Store ab sofort. Hier, sobald WoltLab freischaltet.

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