WoltLab Cloud File system (Records System) for roleplay projects 1.0.0

File system (Records System) for Police Department and Medical Center integrated into your forum for your roleplay project. Ideally suited for Alt: V, FiveM and Rage: MP but also for example in Arma projects.

This plugin integrates a filing system into your forum. Ideal for roleplay (GTA5) projects. Ideal for projects like Alt: V, FiveM, Rage: MP or Arma

According to the group authorization, the file system is displayed to the respective user. The filing system for the Police Department and the Medical Center is currently being developed. You have the option of accessing the file system on your tablet so that it can be used on your server in-game, for example, or alternatively via the conventional browser.

If your user has the respective group authorization, he can create a user in the file system, create files, edit files and view files. A corresponding overview page enables all users within the file system to be viewed. If you would like the respective user no longer to have access to the file system, remove them from the group with the associated authorization.

Summary of the filing system:

  • Filing system through the forum
  • Individual assignment of rights
  • Creation of files
  • Edit files
  • Close files
  • for Police Department and Medical Center
  • View processor

In different time intervals we will develop the plugin further according to your wishes. Support inquiries, update requests, bug reports can be published in the specially created section at https://www.german-streets.de.

  • Version 1.0.0

    First Version

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