WoltLab Cloud Ticket System 1.0.4

With this ticket system, you can manage requests of any kind from your users. It gives you a lot of freedom to cover as many scenarios as possible.

With this ticket system you can manage requests of any kind from your users. In doing so, it gives you a lot of freedom to be able to cover as many scenarios as possible.

You decide for each individual category which user groups and users should have access to it. During development, care was taken to ensure that as many functions as possible are implemented visually in the same way as WoltLab Suite Core does. This makes it easier for your users to get used to it.

The main functions


For each area you needed you can create a separate category. Per category you can determine which user groups and users have access to the category and its content. For each category you choose a suitable icon from the Font-Awesome icons or own image files to visually distinguish the categories. The optional possibility of a default assignment as well as a main responsible user complete the possibilities for your individual needs.

Category Themes

You can add as many category themes as you like. You can choose if the category theme should be available in all categories or only for certain categories. For example, you can choose not to use category topics for General requests, and use category topics to specify the request more precisely for Technical requests.


You create the priorities yourself and decide in each case for which categories they should be used. This way you can also use different priorities for different categories.


Also with the status you decide for which categories these are used. However, the status must not be confused with the ticket status here. There are three ticket statuses (Open, In Progress, and Closed). With the statuses, you extend the ticket system by the possibility to create more precise jams for the user. For example, you can select "Waiting for answer (external)" as the status for a support ticket, so that you as the ticket processor can see at first glance what is happening with the ticket, but also the ticket creator can see immediately why there is perhaps no answer yet. Only the ticket administrators can change the status of a ticket.

Input fields

For each category you can create multiple input fields. This makes it possible to request additional information from the ticket creator right at the beginning that you need for processing the ticket. When creating the input field, you decide whether the input field must be filled in or not. Individualize thereby each category optimally.

Reply templates

Even in the area of support, but of course also in other use cases, it often happens that the same answers have to be given again and again. With the answer templates you can create different answer templates in the ACP that your moderators can use in the tickets. The answer templates can be called directly in the WYSIWYG editor when creating an answer and can be found easily by a search function. To prevent one of your moderators from receiving irrelevant answer templates you can limit the answer templates to single categories.

Service Level Agreements

In today's world, it is important to be able to provide a good service. By means of the service level agreements it is possible for you to create rules which execute an action after a certain time. Currently you have three actions to choose from

  • Remove ticket assignment: this removes the assignment of a ticket and the ticket will be displayed in the general ticket pool again
  • Reminder message to assigned user: The assigned user will receive a notification that a ticket is still waiting to be processed
  • Message to main responsible user: This sends a message to the main responsible user of a category that a ticket is still not completed

To decide for which categories a service level agreement should be executed you can limit them to individual categories. To filter an action you have the possibility to choose which ticket status should be considered, if the ticket should already be assigned or not, how many days should have passed for tickets that don't have a response from a ticket handler yet as well as how many days should have passed without further responses (for tickets that have responses) before an action should be executed.

Other functions

  • Mark ticket responses as an internal response. This will allow you to create replies for other team members which the ticket creator will not see
  • Each moderator decides which categories to watch. Through the notification system of the WSC, each moderator can also set whether he wants to receive a notification, an immediate email notification or a daily email notification
  • Both the ticker creator and a moderator is free to subscribe to a ticket. Thus, the user will receive a notification accordingly for new replies.
  • Ticket pool with all unassigned tickets
  • My ticket pool with tickets which are assigned to me
  • Extensive filter functions in the ticket pool
  • Possibility to create trophies for created and assigned tickets

This list includes some features offered by the ticket system and is not exhaustive.




Support is available directly through our Ticket System on beMananas.com


  • Version 1.0.4


    • [BUGFIX] Error if no priority or category topic was created when editing a ticket
    • [BUGFIX] Error when a new ticket is assigned to a user by default.
    • [BUGFIX] Guests cannot access a split ticket
    • [BUGFIX] If a guest is authorized to create a ticket only in the category (not in the usergroup rights) an authorization error occurs
    • [BUGFIX] With a guest ticket an error occurs if someone has only read rights
    • [BUGFIX] Writing error fixed
    • [NEW FEATURE] New setting: Assign ticket on replies (user setting)

    Version 1.0.4 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.3


    • [BUGFIX] Mark all as read did not work in the list of unread tickets
    • [BUGFIX] Display error for a user's response time.
    • [BUGFIX] When editing a ticket, the default value was displayed again instead of the selected option for category topic and priority.
    • [BUGFIX] When editing a "foreign language" ticket, the language is overwritten with the language of the editor.
    • [BUGFIX] When clicking on "Mark all as read", not all tickets were marked as read.
    • [BUGFIX] There was a problem with permissions in certain constellations.
    • [BUGFIX] An error occurred when calling the subscribed categories.
    • [IMPROVE] In the ticket overview, split tickets are marked with an appropriate icon.
    • [IMPROVE] When selecting the ticket category in availability, the level is now displayed and the title categories can no longer be selected.
    • [IMPROVE] When sharing a ticket with everyone, the link is now newly displayed in the header.
    • [NEW FEATURE] Share ticket with specified users (incl. notification)
    • [NEW FEATURE] New Moderative permission "Can access tickets read only".

    Version 1.0.3 compatibility

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.2


    • [BUGFIX] Title categories cannot be edited.
    • [BUGFIX] When copying a content category, the category image was not copied correctly as well.
    • [BUGFIX] After updating from version 1.0.0, an error could occur when opening the start page.
    • [BUGFIX] Error in the user rights for the allowed file extensions.
    • [BUGFIX] Ticket could be set to "Completed" or to "In Progress" multiple times.
    • [BUGFIX] Created tickets as well as assigned tickets were not always counted correctly at the user.
    • [BUGFIX] Ticket could still be read with the direct link if it was deleted but the user did not have permission to read deleted tickets.
    • [BUGFIX] Error in service level agreement when no category was selected.
    • [BUGFIX] When an internal message was sent, a notification was triggered anyway.
    • [BUGFIX] Notification on subscribed tickets were not always triggered.
    • [BUGFIX] "Show search results as ticket list" was displayed in the wrong place in the ACP.
    • [BUGFIX] TicketCategoryMultiSelectOptionType showed only one level of categories
    • [IMPROVE] CSS adjustments to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
    • [IMPROVE] customization for other plugin
    • [IMPROVE] Added another EventHandler for the Extended Action Log.
    • [IMPROVE] Added possibility to disable a service level agreement
    • [IMPROVE] Service level agreements no longer check if the last response was from a moderate user.
    • [IMPROVE] Deleted tickets are no longer considered in service level agreements.
    • [IMPROVE] Assign Ticket has been improved. Additionally, a message is displayed if the ticket has already been assigned to someone.
    • [NEW FEATURE] New email notification for guests when the ticket has been moderated.
    • [NEW FEATURE] New service level agreement action: mark ticket as "done".
    • [NEW FEATURE] New option to ask for confirmation when assigning a ticket if the ticket has already been assigned to someone.
    • [NEW FEATURE] New there are several actions per category where a status can be inserted/changed automatically if desired.
    • [NEW FEATURE] Moderation notes can now be displayed for tickets. Die Funktion lässt sich über die globalen Einstellungen deaktivieren
    • [NEW FEATURE] Neue Benachrichtigung hinzugefügt "Ihr Ticket wurde moderiert" bei dem der Benutzer über mehrere Änderungen informiert wird. Zusätzlich gibt es eine globaler Option ob/welche Benachrichtigungen ausgelöst werden sollen

    Kompatibilität der Version 1.0.2

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.1


    • [BUGFIX] "Automatically subscribe to ticket on reply" setting was only accessible to users with moderate permissions
    • [BUGFIX] Fixed missing speech output
    • [BUGFIX] Incorrect title in filter
    • [BUGFIX] Error when creating a ticket if the option to save IP addresses is disabled in the ACP
    • [BUGFIX] Categories not displayed correctly at a certain screen size
    • [BUGFIX] Users with Moderate permissions were unable to create tickets
    • [BUGFIX] When a user without Moderative permissions replies to a ticket, the reply is not displayed immediately
    • [BUGFIX] Missing title when editing a ticket
    • [BUGFIX] "Mark all as read": Display was not updated correctly
    • [IMPROVE] User settings in Frontent moved to own category
    • [IMPROVE] Improve linking and view of category boxes
    • [IMPROVE] Once an input field is used for a ticket, the ticket message is also marked with a header
    • [IMPROVE] Added TicketCategoryMultiSelectOptionType for later functions
    • [IMPROVE] JS optimizations
    • [NEW FEATURE] Added "Ignore assigned user" feature to allow moderators to decide if they always want to see assigned tickets in the ticket pool
    • [NEW FEATURE] New global setting to decide if tickets with ticket status Done should be reopened when someone replies to them
    • [NEW FEATURE] Added possibility to use up to three category levels (two nestings)
    • [NEW FEATURE] Categories can be recopied
    • [NEW FEATURE] New option to choose if the complete category is used as a link or only the title and the category icon
    • [NEW FEATURE] Allows icons and images to be used as category icons

    Version 1.0.1 compatibility.

    • WSC 5.4
  • Version 1.0.0

    First Version

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