WoltLab Cloud VieCode Webdisk / Filebase 3.3.2

The VieCode Filebase is a powerfull filebase for your community!

VieCode Filebase is the right extension if you want to present a large number of files in a concise format. In addition to the modern and dynamic interface, the usual extensive moderation and administration are of course still available.


The VieCode Filebase can be operated in WSC 5.4 or higher. For older WSC installations there is a separate version. Existing customers can upgrade to the current version at a discounted price (~15€).


New Features (Version 3.3)

Versions support

In the VieCode filebase, files are often shared that have a version number. In the settings you can now optionally activate that entries now support version numbers.

Files are now assigned a version number. These can also have a description / changelog. The versions are thereby clearly displayed in another tab directly in the entry. Each version can hold several files (e.g. the respective software file and a manual). As usual, external files are also supported.

Recycle bin

Entries are now not deleted immediately, but can be placed in a recycle bin, which can be emptied automatically after a certain time.

Notification of changes by moderator

Users are now optionally notified when a moderator has made changes to the entry.

Global change log

VieCode Filebase now fully supports the global change log.

Terms of use via user mass editing

The terms of use can now be reset via user mass editing.

Box for updated Filebase entries

There is now a box for updated Filebase entries.

Default image for uploads without preview graphic

Previously, a default graphic was used if no preview graphic was used for an entry. In the settings you can now upload and select a graphic which will be used instead of the default graphic.

Enabling according to time

Often it is helpful to prepare entries in time. From version 3.3 it is possible to create entries deactivated. In addition, the publication date can be optionally specified, on which the entry should be automatically unlocked by the system.

Improvement of automatic embedding

The inclusion and detection of filebase links has been improved. It additionally uses the new Rich Embeds functionality from WSC 5.4 to provide a consistent display with other extensions.

File management

The VieCode Filebase offers the possibility to manage many files comfortably and clearly. Entries can be created in categories - as you are already used to from the WoltLab Suite Forum. Each entry can contain several files. A sophisticated limitation system allows an advanced control of permissions and resource allocations. Of course, VieCode Filebase also supports many WoltLab Suite convenience features such as simultaneous management of multiple entries.

As an additional feature, uploaded files can also be automatically checked for viruses and malware. The check is performed via an interface with an external provider.

Large files

The maximum upload size of files is often very limited on web hosting - often to a maximum of 2MB. This prevents the uploading of larger files such as movies. Webdisk includes an innovative upload technique that splits the files into smaller parts on the user's computer. These are then uploaded individually. This effectively bypasses the maximum upload size set by your hoster or server. If an upload is canceled, this can be continued by the user without any problems. Only the packages that were not previously uploaded will be transferred.

External links

Memory consumption is expensive, especially with web hosting plans. Not all files must necessarily be stored on their own server. You can also add files which are located on an external server. The URL and the file name can be specified. In the entry, the external link is displayed as a normal download.


Every download causes traffic on your server. Depending on your tariff, exceeding the traffic limit can cost money and cause unnecessary fees for the provider. Filebase allows perfect resource control. You can precisely limit the available resources such as disk space and traffic in the web disk settings. When the limit is reached, any further download is automatically denied. To save the server's bandwidth, you can even limit the download speed for certain user groups like guests.

For each user group the available resources can be managed separately. You have the possibility to limit the disk space (private and public), traffic and even the download speed.

Individual input fields

A download database is basically difficult to customize to your needs and use case. A games forum will need different downloads than a photography forum. With static input fields it is difficult to meet the different needs. For this reason we have created the possibility of customizable input fields at Webdisk. You can determine which input fields are available, which properties they have and who has access to them. For a better overview, input fields can be combined into a category.

Each input field has a specific type. The appropriate input field and format is selected according to the type. For better customization, a special expert mode can be activated, in which more options are available for each input field: Validation Pattern (Regex), PHP Output Class and much more!

File sharing & password protection

Your users can restrict the uploaded files themselves from unwanted access. Each download can be optionally assigned an access password. The entry can be seen by other users, but the download can only be started if you know the password.

In addition, a file can also be restricted to certain users, i.e. it can be explicitly defined who may have access to a particular file.

Terms of use

For legal protection, you can create terms of use for the filebase. These must be accepted by your users and guests before they can enter and use the filebase. The terms of use can be written in multiple languages and will be displayed to the user in their respective language.


Never lose the overview! The filebase integrates seamlessly into the WCF search and allows an efficient search even in larger forums. The search naturally takes into account all permissions and language settings, i.e. your users will only find the entries they really have access to.


To prevent misuse of the filebase, an extensive moderation is implemented in the filebase. Depending on the settings, each download must first be reviewed and approved by a moderator before it can be made publicly available. Illegal uploads can thus be effectively prevented.


Entries are often unclear and incorrect. To avoid tedious and redundant communication via private messages or e-mail, a comment function has been integrated into Webdisk. Users can leave questions or comments to which the creator of the entry (or other members of your community) can respond and answer. This allows a continuous improvement of the content in your filebase by your user base!

Data security

All uploaded files are protected from external access in a special directory on your webspace. The files can only be accessed via the filebase. Each access can therefore be controlled and limited exactly.

What you get

  • VieCode Filebase main package (per WSC a separate license is necessary)
    • Available translations: de, en
  • Free bug fixes for version 3.3.x
  • Access to the official support (Activation)

System requirements

  • User Infraction System 3.3 or higher

The requirements are automatically met if at least one commercial product of WoltLab (Burning Board / Forum, Calendar, Blog or Gallery) is installed. Attention: The VieCode Filebase cannot be run in the same WSC as the WoltLab Filebase due to WSC limitations.

Further Information

License: https://www.viecode.com/license/


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